1-2-1 Dog Behaviour Training Brighton

The Mutts Nutts main priority is to help dogs and owners live a happy balanced life together. So many of our beloved poochies have undesirable habits and behaviours that can be quite daunting to the average dog owner and can sometimes ruin the enjoyment of owning a dog. We provide a behavioural training program for all breeds of dog that are individually tailored to help the owner and their dog to overcome these issues.

First, there is an initial assessment where we come and assess the dog’s behaviour in their own home and try to gather as much information from the whole family about their dog’s behavioural concerns. We will then set up a program for the whole family to follow using training techniques that help them cope/manage their dog’s behaviour.

Each session we aim to move a step further but this all depends on the individuals. Some dogs we will even recommend to attend our classes as the issues may be minor and easily solved in a group class, but for the more intense issues, 1-2-1 sessions would be recommended, begin with.

Raya Has lots of experience not only from having her own dogs and working with them for a number of years but she has also completed her training at the International Animal behaviour Training College (IABTC) with ANGELA WHITE – The No.1 Behaviourist for the (KCAI) kennel club.  ANGELA has a fantastic reputation working with dogs for over 30 years, in all tails of the spectrum. From training her own dogs and other various pets to running her own boarding  business’s to becoming a renowned lecturer, author, trainer, behaviourist, breeder and judge,  working and competing. A woman who will never stop being fascinated by the brain and behaviour of a dog, a true inspiration.

Dog Behavior Training Brighton

Throughout RAYA’s training with ANGELA she studied

UNIT 1 - How dogs learn

UNIT 2 - Evolution and breeds

UNIT 3 - Brain and behaviour

UNIT 4 - Instructing pet owners

UNIT 5 - Introduction to behaviour modification

UNIT 6 - Intermediate behaviour modification

UNIT 7 - Advanced behaviour modification

Level 1 & 2

Clicker and target training

Understanding canine aggression

Reactivity in dogs

How to deal with reactive dogs


Being the crazy dog lover lady RAYA likes to take the fun approach when it comes to training and only using positive training methods. She understands how difficult it can be through her own experiences of being a dog owner and endeavours to help anyone who is struggling with their canine friend. She understands all dogs are different and thinks outside the box to come up with practical solutions that work for both the owner and dog. Getting to know both you and your dog on a personal level RAYA’s  goal is to help others become happy and confident dog owners, handlers and lovers.


If your beloved furry friend hates going to the groomers it can create real problems as they can become reactive to being handled, this can lead to them not being groomed as often as they should be and this only makes things worse. It can become a real issue and can sometimes lead to being refused by the groomers because they are simply unable to groom your dog.

Raya who is our canine behaviourist and groomer has lots of experience when it comes to grooming difficult doggies. If your dog has been turned away from the groomers or simply finds being groomed too terrifying this is something we can work on. We provide a grooming training program to help you and your dog deal with these issues.

It’s very easy for dogs to develop behavioural issues when being groomed, and like anything, some can be more severe than others. The aim of this service is to groom the dog and teach the owners some simple techniques to practice at home which will improve the dog’s behaviour when at the groomers.

Dog Walking Brighton and Hove


A fantastic dog walking service where your beloved furry friends are taken on different adventures throughout the week

Dog Boarding


A personal intimate service where your beloved pet will go and stay with one of our dog host families/persons.

Dog Boarding


Grooming from Pongoes, the new stylish and modern groomers in Brighton.

Award Winning Dog Training


Advanced 1-2-1 training or comprehensive group training classes to ensure your dog, is truly your best-behaved friend.


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