The Mutts Nutts is a dog and pet services company that is truly the dog’s bo@?*c*s when giving your beloved pet the best care and attention they deserve. At the heart of all the services offered by Raya is a love that matches the love she has for her own Mr. Nutts, Billy her rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who gave Raya the passion, courage, and inspiration to create this loving and intimate pet service.

From walking to boarding, and a snip at the doggy hairdressers or even to turn your little tear away into a well-behaved treasure, we are the place to come in the Brighton and Hove area.

We truly take every interaction with a pet, as a chance to enrich their lives and yours! With bespoke packages formed from a pool of experts locally, massing decades of experience.

So send us a woof if you are in need of our services or have any questions, The Mutts Nutts looks forward to hearing from you.

The Mutts Nutts Owner Raya and Billy

Bespoke Dog Services in Brighton and Hove


Jane Pilbeam with Jack

What would I do without “The Mutts Nutts” in mine and our dog Jack’s life? Raya Came to the rescue when Jack needed stimulation, exercise, and social training.Jack has bundles of energy and it is physically hard work for me to walk him. Since The Mutts Nutts Jack has had lovely walks at varied locations from the beach to the countryside and has been able to enjoy the company of other dogs.  He is given the lead and Recall training and socialisation with other dogs of which he can be anxious at times but “The Mutts Nutts” has helped him overcome many obstacles. I Can not recommend enough this professional but friendly and personal pet service.

Wet look! Betsy

Betsy, our crazy, doted on 16-month cockerpoo, absolutely adores her walks with Mutts Nutts and all her poochy pals! Raya and Jasmin are not only highly professional but above all caring, considerate and attentive, and whom  I have absolute confidence in keeping Betsy safe and protected on her trips out. Her walks are so much more than a ‘stroll’ or ‘amble’ through the countryside… locations vary constantly and Betsy is consistently stimulated with new games, toys, and experiences. Equally, when a more ‘chilled out walk is required, the girls adapt accordingly. Their connection and the bonds they develop with the dogs in their care is strong, reassuring and it is without reservation I would recommend them to anyone who, like me, has a “precious baby” that needs some great TLC alongside the exercise!

Miles Walked

Poops Picked Up

Cosy Nights of Care

Snuggles Given

Dog Walking Brighton and Hove


A fantastic dog walking service where your beloved furry friends are taken on different adventures throughout the week
Dog Boarding


A personal intimate service where your beloved pet will go and stay with one of our dog host families/persons.
Dog Grooming Brighton and Hove


Grooming from Pongoes, the new stylish and modern groomers in Brighton.

Award Winning Dog Training


Advanced 1-2-1 training or comprehensive group training classes to ensure your dog, is truly your best-behaved friend.


We do not have favorites at Mutts Nutts but here are a few of our lovely Mutts.


Rudi and Cecil

These two gorgeous westies came to Raya for puppy training classes before “The Mutts Nutts” and they now enjoy further training, boarding, walking and grooming with us. Such fun boys, love playing, being chased chasing birds and puddle diving, definitely a part of the Nutts family.


Raya and Jasmin used to look after and groom these two cutie pies at a daycare center before “The Mutts Nutts” existence. They now enjoy many walks and grooms and have the loveliest temperament.  Very well known for puddle diving, ball chasing, cuddles and sloppy kisses. They certainly make a big part of the Nutts team.
Obelix dog services in Brighton and Hove


One of the “The Mutts Nutts” first regular walking clients very sadly past away October 2017. He was a huge part of the family, the most handsome friendly giant, and true best friend. His walks and time spent with Raya and Jasmin will never be forgotten, always in our hearts.


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